Channel Tree's 2021 Season Predictions

We Came, We Shaw, We Predicted

By Sam Weyen | 9-03-2021 06:22 AM PT

Photo by Stanford Athletics

In 2020, we spat out our season predictions and exclaimed “We can’t all be wrong!” We almost were, but fortunately some spicy takes paid off. 

Grant gets points for successfully predicting our 3-2 record + 1 COVID cancellation (notwithstanding the surprise UCLA game scheduled late). Jose and David predicted Thomas Booker’s stellar showing (never forget the blocked PAT against Kal!!!). And 75% of us correctly guessed the Pac-12 title game (thanks to Washington’s outbreak preventing their bid... which we, like, totally anticipated I promise).

How will we do this year? Only time will tell! Enjoy our 2021 staff outlook.

Season Record

Jose Saldana: 6-6

Grant Avalon: 7-5

Sam Weyen: 5-7 (all P5 team schedule = a bad time)

David Ta: 6-6


Team Offensive MVP

JS: Austin Jones 

GA: Austin Jones

SW: It’s boring to say Austin Jones, so I’ll take a gamble on kicker Joshua Karty because I think we’ll be taking a lot of FGs

DT: Austin Jones


Team Defensive MVP

JS: Thomas Booker

GA: Thomas Booker

SW: T-Book

DT: Kyu Blu Kelly


Most Improved

JS: Benjamin Yurosek

GA: Elijah Higgins

SW: Benjamin Yurosek

DT: Kyu Blu Kelly


Newcomer of the Year

JS: OT Austin Uke

GA: OLB Wilfredo Aybar

SW: This year’s Stanford Tree

DT: OT Austin Uke


Pac-12 Title Game

JS: Oregon vs USC

GA: Oregon vs Utah

SW: Washington vs Utah

DT: Oregon vs USC


Bowl Game

JS: Redbox Bowl but it gets canceled

GA: Jimmy Kimmel Bowl

SW: 404 error, no bowl found

DT: Jimmy Kimmel Bowl


At the end of the season, Shaw will be...

JS: Whispering All Right Now to fall asleep

GA: Sitting expressionless next to Jimmy Kimmel

SW: On the hotseat according to national media but actually on a still freezing cold seat because of Stanford politics

DT: Running the ball on 4rd and goal down 7 to end the season to end the season.


Hottest Take

JS: Another fire will cancel the Big Game

GA: A mediocre Stanford squad knocks Notre Dame out of playoff contention

SW: 70% of games will occur on or before 1pm PT

DT: Shaw shows emotion on the sidelines.

--Fear The Me.

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